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 Recompression Chambers

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PostSubject: Recompression Chambers   Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:12 am

Does anyone know for sure what the protocol is if someone has to be airlifted by the coast guard to a chamber if someone suffers DCI on a club dive ? Who decides where they go ???

There's an interesting post on the tecdiver website worth reading here

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PostSubject: Re: Recompression Chambers   Sat Apr 05, 2008 3:59 pm

It's generally speaking the Helicopter crew that will arrange that depending on what/where is available. Once they turn up they are in total command of the situation and will guide you on what to do. If there is no helicopter available the Ambulance control will make the decisions.

The only time it happened to us was a few years back diving the sub out of Union Hall with the late Nic Gotto. Two of our members had to be lifted to Galway for treatment. One had suffered a bend while the other was more precautionary than anything. They will usually take both divers even if only one is affected due to the possibility of a delayed reaction.

In this instance the Diver concerned had been sick the night before and had been up for half the night. He then had a bottle of Lucozade and a Mars Bar for his breakfast as he was running late and really wanted to make the dive. (Of course he only told us all of this afterwards Mad )They went down, missed the Sub, swam around on the bottom at 40+ mts for 10/15 minutes, came up too fast and missed all of their stops. Whoops!!!

Nic, as usual, was brilliant and on top of his game. He had his O2 on board, at the time I don't think that we had one, and he called Marine Rescue. We motored back into Union Hall to await the Helicopter and met with Cork and Daunt SACs' who also gave us their O2 and were generally very helpful. On the arrival of the Chopper we motored back out the harbour and they dropped a winchman to take the two boys away. They actually then headed up through Cork Harbour, flying very low and followed the roadway up to Galway as it's the lowest way to go.

As it happened, only two or three weeks previously we had attended a Helicopter Rescue lecture with both Cork and Daunt clubs given by a winchman and pilot from Shannon. Therefore the place was full of experts when we needed them!! It was actually great to see the theory put into practice and at least we weren't all clueless when they did arrive.

A good experience (for most of us Cool ) but not one that you would want to have every week. At least valuable lessons were learned without too much damage done.

That's a very interesting article there, particularly the link on the first post that everybody should read;
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Recompression Chambers
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